The restoration of Årås

A history of involvement and passion

Bygdegårdsföreningen Årås Kvarn (‘the Årås Mill community centre association’) was founded in 1983, and currently has a membership of around 350. The members share a common vision: to develop Årås as an attractive destination for tourists, while ensuring that it continues to be a place where the people living in the area can meet and socialise.

The association is deeply anchored in building preservation and gardening. Over the course of each year, the association holds courses on these subjects to spread knowledge and help preserve Årås for future generations.

The association also arranges many events: pub nights, vintage car days, Christmas fairs, and celebrations on the eve of May Day and Midsummer’s Eve are some examples.
These events not only give visitors an opportunity to experience Årås’s cultural history, but help the people who live in the area to come together and celebrate as a community.

Through the work and involvement of the association, Årås lives on and continues to be an important part of our cultural heritage.