Welcome to Årås Estate & Gardens, a historical place that combines accommodation, outdoor pursuits, weddings, and parties in a setting of great natural beauty.

ÅråsEstate& Gardens is situated in a beauty spot in the Årås naturereserve between the Jogen and Vållern lakes, and dates back to thefifteenth century. The old manor house is under restoration; in additionto this there is a park that is undergoing constant development, an oldmill that can be hired for weddings and parties, a picturesque hostelwith 36 beds, and much more!Årås Estate & Gardens is run and developed not for profit byBygdegårdsföreningen Årås Kvarn (‘the Årås Mill community centreassociation’).

Welcome to Årås Estate& Gardens!

Garden café

Our lovely garden café is open in the summer and serves organic ice cream, sandwiches, coffee, and more.

Accommodation at Årås

At Årås Estate, we offer accommodation across two buildings. Inaddition, we are in the process of restoringa thirdbuilding that will open for use as accommodation in 2024.

See and do at Årås

In the area around Årås Estate & Gardens there are many hiking routes and swim spots for both adults and families with children.